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Athletic Alliance

Athletic Alliance Hydro Pro 2lb

Athletic Alliance Hydro Pro 2lb

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You have dozens of protein options to choose from. So, why choose Hydro Pro? Let me tell you.

As you’re likely aware, digestive issues are one of the most common problems people face with protein powders. As you also know, fast digesting proteins are generally the go-to for post-workout nutrition and taste, taste definitely counts! Well, we’ve produced one of the most delicious, fastest absorbing, most easily digestible options on the market. We literally designed this, not only for the most hardcore athletes, with its rapid absorption to blunt catabolism and initiate muscle growth, but also for anyone dealing with Crohn’s, IBS, colitis, lactose intolerance, even bariatric patients with its ease of digestion and mixability.

Hydro Pro is 100% hydrolyzed making it the fastest absorbing option available. Hydrolyzed whey is essentially pre-digested requiring less blood flow for digestion, meaning it won’t steal hard-earned blood from those hungry muscles during or after a workout. That’s right, you can even use hydrolyzed options during a workout.

Right off the bat, you’ve got an easier to digest option with it being hydrolyzed. Why stop there though? We included protease 1 and 2 to further help with the breakdown of the protein, lactase to remove lactose for those that have a hard time digesting the sugar and probiotics for absorption and gut health.

Furthermore, we included colostrum and vitamin C to stand out from the competition. These welcome ingredients help with immune function and tissue formation. Perfect for a recovery product right? We think so.

Well, what about taste? Taste is often a deciding factor in people’s protein choice. Hydro Pro definitely delivers here! We have 3 flavours, vanilla, a rich chocolate that tastes like hot chocolate and a caramel coffee that will knock your socks off! The caramel coffee also makes an amazing high protein creamer and sweetener for your morning coffee! It’s a nice way to mix it up!

To top it off Hydro Pro mixes easily and requires minimal liquid. I kid you not, 100mL of water is all you need for 30g of protein which makes it ideal for bariatric patients, where space is of the essence.

As you can see, Hydro Pro is no ordinary protein. It was designed to once again set the bar. It’s the perfect whey for anyone looking to increase their protein intake. Digestive issues? Not any more!



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