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Athletic Alliance

Athletic Alliance MTOR Ultra 25 Servings

Athletic Alliance MTOR Ultra 25 Servings

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MTOR ULTRA is designed to be consumed during or after intense training, though it can be taken anytime. With a full spectrum EAA and ancillary ingredients such as Arginine-AKG, it provides everything for muscle protein synthesis (MPS), the creation of new muscle, hitting it from multiple angles. This product can be used on a keto, cyclic keto or high carb diet. We use the most advanced ingredients to guarantee you the best results, and if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we guarantee our products and offer a 100% refund at the location of purchase.

EAAs - The benefits of essential amino acids are too many to list here. They help with bone, joint, blood, skin, and hair health, aid in the absorption and utilization of different vitamins and minerals, regulate hormones and BUILD NEW MUSCLE. Muscle building is what we’ve developed this formula for, but the other perks definitely add appeal if you ask me! And, that’s just the EAAs! The body requires all the EAAs to produce muscle and we included a full 10g per scoop!

Arginine-AKG – Arginine is conditionally essential and plays an integral role in muscle protein synthesis. Alpha ketoglutarate. It also increases N.O. leading to better, longer lasting pumps. Arginine-AKG is not only a more efficient source of arginine but the AKG serves several functions, here, acting as a nitrogen scavenger, increasing protein synthesis, inhibiting muscle breakdown and increasing glutamine levels. This not only potentiates muscle growth but also provides users something they can feel!

Glutamine – Glutamine has a laundry list of benefits too. We included it here primarily for the digestive and absorptive benefits.

As you can see, we made sure we hit MPS from as many angles as we could to ensure you get the best results from your training.

We never look to fit in. We look to stand out, to set the bar. The most important time to take MTOR Ultra would before or during your workout. On non-training days MTOR ULTRA can be consumed any time, with or without food.



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