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Athletic Alliance

Athletic Alliance Primal Pro 810g Berries & Greens

Athletic Alliance Primal Pro 810g Berries & Greens

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Primal Pro Superfood is the ideal meal replacement for active individuals. Combining leafy greens, berries, flax, hemp and Whey Isolate, Primal Pro is high in both fibre and protein and provides you with a great tasting nutritional powerhouse designed to maximize nutrient uptake and facilitate recovery.

  • Green Blends Parsley, alfalfa leaf powder, broccoli, kale, cabbage and green tea extract.
  • Berry & Fruit Blends Wild berry, black currant, aronia (choke berry), wild lingonberry, pomegranate, wild blueberry, concord grape, sour cherry, wild elderberry, wild cranberry, red raspberry, monk fruit and black raspberry.
  • Aquatic Blends Spirulina, chlorella, calcium carbonate (from red algae) and Betatene® mixed algae carotenoids (Duniela salina).
  • Protein Blend Whey protein concentrate and isolate, organic hemp protein, organic pumpkin seed protein and flax seed protein.
  • Fibre Inulin and guar gum.
  • Heathy Fats MCT oil (from fractionated coconut oil.
  • Other Ingredients Natural flavours, malic acid, citric acid and purified Stevia leaf extract



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