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Beyond Yourself

Beyond Yourself Infuzer 120g

Beyond Yourself Infuzer 120g

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Customize your whey as easy as 1,2,3!!!


Beyond Yourself’s FLAVOUR INFUZER allows you to become your very own “WHEYOLOGIST”!  As an industry leader known for making great tasting products, we at Beyond Yourself want you to take our flavours to a whole new level. Whether you mix our mouth watering INFUZER packs into our BEYOND ISOLATE or BEYOND WHEY RECOVERY for a great tasting shake or use them for baking, oatmeal, coffee or yogurt, you control the flavour! Everything taste better with Beyond Yourself’s FLAVOUR INFUZER!

Key Benefits 

  • Avoid getting bored of you 5lbs tub of protein by easily customizing it into a variety of delicious flavours!!
  • You control the flavour, so you choose your level of overall sweetness.
  • A quick and easy way to flavour to your baking, oatmeal, coffee or yogurt.
  • Created by an industry leader when it comes to mouth watering flavours!
  • Nine (9) mind-blowing flavours to choose from. You can mix and match flavours or just alternate flavours in your daily shakes!

Recommended Use

For use as a flavour pack with BEYOND YOURSELF’S BEYOND ISOLATE, BEYOND WHEY RECOVERY or in your favourite baking recipes, oatmeal, yogurt etc.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1 scoop of FLAVOUR INFUZER with 1 scoop of INFUZER ISOLATE + 6 to 12 ounces of cold water and consume. 



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