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Progressive Immuno Daily Support 60 Caps

Progressive Immuno Daily Support 60 Caps

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Progressive® Immuno Daily Support is used to maintain the immune system. This is a daily immune support product and is important to be taken on a regular basis for optimal health. Beta-glucans, Vitamin C, and Zinc for daily immune support.


These are special polysaccharides found in cell walls of mushrooms and yeasts such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae (it is a species of yeast and Commonly used in baking and brewing industries). Glucans are part of a group of biologically active natural molecules and are steadily gaining strong attention not only as an important supplement, but also as an immuno-modulator. An immuno-modulator is a substance capable of interacting with the immune system resulting in up or down-regulating specific parts of the immune response.


  • More than 80 clinical trials evaluating their biological effects
  • Beta-Glucans have been extensively researched. Over 20,000 published studies, glucan has the best position among other immunomodulators.


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